Cape gooseberry (Physalis preuviana L.) also known as ground cherries, physalis
and poha are from the Solanaceae family. The herbaceous shrub is very versatile
and grows wild in the high Andean regions at 1,500 – 3,000 mts asl.

Generally planted from seed with no selected varieties up to date, just a few ecotypes identified from different regions, according to yield and specific fruit conditions.
Growth cycle from seedling to first harvest can be approximately 9 months
and adult yielding plants are kept for aprox. 11 months.

Fruit is allowed to bush ripen until full orange colour is visible through husk or “cape”.

Colombia is the major producer of this exotic fruit, followed by South Africa. The european markets have been very receptive to this delicious, tangy berry for the last two decades.

The peeled fruit is very rich in Vitamin A and C, Iron and Phosphorus.

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